Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Beautiful Dogshit In the Rain

We get dirty, we wash. Or we cover it up again and again until there is no going back to being clean, no morals, no hygiene. And all the muck looks the same even though it glistens like beautiful dog shit in the pouring, fucking rain.
- G.A.
Artwork- Paul McCarthy Loses his Shit. '

Friday, February 16, 2018

To Know You Love me

I do not want you to tell me you love me, I want to know it, feel it and not be continually afraid of losing it. Or say goodbye to it and remember it was something I had forever, but time stopped and all dreams were reduced to the present. Stagnant pools now. And nothing will change again.
-Gerry Aldridge 2018
artwork- by LS Lowry

Cëst lä - Salade

Note to self- I should have harnessed my pain, instead of dressing the world in my sad little garnish of rain.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Falta Da Educação

 Falta Da Educação.

I cannot smell you,
I cannot touch you,
Lest I explode upon you.

-Gerry Aldridge 2018

Saturday, January 27, 2018


The unwanted sit gathering dust and feeling guilty for everything they have lost, while the most sought after gifts in the world fake dreams and lie at any cost. It is just a question of time before everything is lost.
-Gerry Aldridge © 2018
Google translate- 
Os indesejados sentam-se reunindo poeira e se sentindo culpados por tudo o que perderam, enquanto os presentes mais procurados no mundo criar falsos sonhos e mentir a qualquer custo. É apenas uma questão de tempo antes de tudo se perder.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Love Needs Nurture.

Love Needs Nurture.

First:  Can we be friends?
Second: Yes, of course.
As soon as my love is dead,
I will give you a call.
We can do coffee
One day.
Talk vehemently.
About nothing.
Probably, even smile
As we lie to each other
About not feeling
Anything at all.
It takes time
To kill the truth.
There are no stepping stones,
Or shortcuts
From the pain.
Give love time, please,
To truly wither
And die.
Become nothing.
Dry, bitter
A mutual shame.
Then the putrid ash
Of a love denied,
Falls wasted,
Crushed, too sodden
To ever fly.
Some time later
We say hello.
I shed a tear
And force a smile-
The only way
Was to say goodbye.
-Gerry Aldridge © 2018