Saturday, November 16, 2013

Good evening,
I wrote 3 books 6 years ago when I was diagnosed with Hep C. To cure myself I had to spend 1 year in a bubble..injecting myself once a week and dropping pills, 3 times a day in quantity: always in a fuzz. I actually got down to writing them because i was too much of a mess to do my way I could go out in the garden and drill stone..and it rained a lot that year, so I was stuck indoors and decided to write the books I had never had time to write...I have been writing since forever..when I was young and partying I would come home and describe my trips..I still have the book..will put one out there later...When my girlfriend and I left England..we were 20..we started writing journals but only ever wrote in them when we were fed up..if we were having fun a journal was the last thing on our minds.
My concept is simple: I write about life. I want to talk about real things and connect with people all over the planet about what we have experienced. I would like to have read the books I write myself a few years ago.