Sunday, May 11, 2014


Do you think that people will read your books and find out who you are, or do you think you should tell people who you are to inspire them to read your stories? I fell into the former category, until recently. I also believed I had to tone down myself, in order to be taken seriously, and every time I had a bit too much wine and posted some funky music, I mistakenly thought I was damaging my reputation as a serious writer.
Be yourself! Being a writer is also about being a brand. Why would I write crazy stories about travelling and going to crazy parties, and then come across as a serious, monotone kind of guy, so as to look professional? I have realised that person is not the guy who wrote the story, and therefore I shouldn’t be trying to hide the true me. My stories are there because of who I am.
So, I will continue to write from the heart, invest as much as I can in writing stories which are true to themselves, no filter, just an honest account of one human being’s experience here on this planet. You will see professionally written work from me, and you will see me at 2am sharing a funky bit of music I just found, and am dancing my butt off to. You might notice I am tipsy on occasions: that is who I am. My books are about reality and the more honest and real I am, the more credible my stories will be.
With my stories, I hope to inspire people to follow their hearts, I don’t believe in dreams, they happen when we are asleep, but I do believe in fulfilling your innermost desires. Be true to yourself and you are automatically true to others, this will reflect in the work you do and in turn maximise the reader experience.
Thank you for listening. Having a wonderful Sunday relaxing to Spanish Flamenco, which is great to write to.

Gerald Freeman.