Friday, August 15, 2014

Everything in moderation- or stay in denial.

Coming Soon: I DON'T BELIEVE GOD WROTE THE BIBLE by Gerald Freeman
The leaving date was upon us, Tuesday, March 17, 1987, and we were to begin our voyage with mild alcohol poisoning. Our last crazy night in England also meant the rest of Exmouth probably wouldn't be getting out of bed for some days after we'd gone. Everyone dropped a tab of acid in the First and Last, ran riot in the town and on the beach and then most of us ended up at Sharon’s place, where I managed to tread on a glass and cut my foot.         
We sat huddled up together in Sharon’s tiny living-room, speaking about life and the universe and we dabbled in telepathy, while wallowing in Wonderland until it was time for me and Jan to float out the door and take the farewell trip even further. It felt good to have done some positive drug taking again and I felt like I had reconnected with a lot of the friends I had been distanced from for so long.
Tripping on LSD was an absolutely fun and hysterical experience, which if only done every now and then, didn't harm you at all, on the contrary, it made you think and appreciate life even more. Even heroin is wonderful, if done recreationally. Why do you think people have smoked it for centuries? In fact, it is the one drug I would allow my wife to smoke, it’s a journey of dreams that happen while you are awake (and it makes you horny).

On the other hand, the first time heroin appeared in Glastonbury Festival in 1984, I think, the people selling it were beaten up and chucked out of the festival and their van was set on fire: only positive drugs were allowed. Even the open-minded  hippies were under the illusion that heroin was evil, having been fed it by the media throughout their entire existence, no one who’d visited Afghanistan would have agreed with you, though. Remember that too many carrots make you orange.