Sunday, August 10, 2014

TEASER. My next book I Don't Believe God Wrote The Bible- Coming out soon!!

Two teenagers go hitching around Europe in search of a life they never even knew existed. Either that or live under the tyranny of Thatcher, a leader that hated the creative thinkers, artists and dirty hippies, who thought outside of her box.
Excerpt from my next book I Don't Believe God Wrote The Bible coming out soon:
"I’ve heard it said that the golden days of hitching are over and that now it’s too dangerous to tramp around Europe, but I disagree whole-heartedly. People have always said that. There is an element of danger, but what people don’t understand is that there is something higher involved. I’m not talking about a two week holiday in Corfu and God will be there to protect you, no, when you are travelling on a permanent basis and it becomes a way of life, you become connected to something, which is part of a bigger plan, whether you like it or not. To not have acknowledged it would have been like refusing to learn, or not wanting to grow."