Friday, September 5, 2014

Dreadzone - Iron Shirt This cured my Hep C

I was diagnosed with Hep C and possibly few years to live as it had been in my body for 25 years and silently destroyed my liver and the rest. I decided to fight, and the only way I knew how was to dance my way through the pain and the depression and the totally soul destroying treatment process- imagine having to inject yourself..., I was out of my mind for a year and as many of you know, we have to carry on our normal lives, work etc..

I only worked from 6-9pm and so I was free to do my sculpture and writing all day. I made a ritual of getting up in the morning and no matter how depressed or ill or confused I was, I would put this song on and dance and dance and put it on again and again. Sometimes,  would have to dance for three hours before I could begin my day. I sweated the illness out, I danced until I was fully exhilarated, until I'd cried it all out and I was one of the lucky ones and am fully cured x

Positivity is a large part of the cure! Listen to the lyrics.