Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Thank God for objectives x

Holidays are over and I am lucky enough to be able to descend gracefully into the labor pool once again- first week no kids at school, only meetings and get to knows.
I am now ramping up the volume and running into the New Year enthusiastically- for teachers, this is the beginning of the year, the end is June, the middle passes like vapor in the heat, which makes it seem like our lives disappear quicker than yours.
I just reached a point where all the new timetables, and students, and administrative duties were beginning to overwhelm me, when I remembered how bored I was when I had nothing to do. I have a hard job juggling organizing my next sculpture exhibition, finishing my next book 'I Don't Believe God Wrote The Bible' and teaching, but THANK GOD I have things I want to do x
Couldn't resist this: