Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kill Daddy on Xmas promo from NOW until 3rd Jan 2015- warm up your xmas and take a ride into Africa.

Settle into a comfy chair and take a ride with me into the heart of Africa. It is so different, and yet the same. I was welcomed into their humble homes and realised I was living amongst royalty.

The paperback edition has also had it's price slashed to $9.99 on

Kilifi 1992

I Don't Believe God Wrote The Bible- See the fotos from the journey.

Happy Sunday,
Eva cooking mulled wine and the house has a Chritmassy feel and smell..YUM.
I have rooted out the fotos of my new book, which when you read you will understand what they all mean. This was my first taste of freedom in the big, wide world and a journey, which made me who I am today x

Megeve, French Alps

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Humanity is good because...

no one is bad for nothing. We are just human, people do not need to be forgiven, they need to be understood X

Friday, November 28, 2014

Coincidence does not exist, if you have faith. I do not know why it works, but it does x

Coincidence does not exist, if you have faith. I do not know why it works, but it does x

I love growing up, but........

I love growing up, but I hate getting old.
My arms aren't long enough anymore to help me see. I am paying bills in the cashpoint machine and paying the wrong amount to the wrong people on the wrong date.

Baggage 2012

Having another outlet is like having a holiday, but not wasting your time.

Just a thought.
Having another outlet is like having a holiday, but not wasting your time.

Baggage 2012

My life is great apart from the worries x

Just got home 1.30am and a little worse, no better ;)  for wear. I live in such an amazing little village in the mountains above the sea. It has one mount full of interesting, wealthy heirs, entrepreneurs, new money, old money, who only ever mix with the natives on occasions. The rest of the population are wonderful Portuguese people, who have an intricate connection with Malveira after generations of living together.

Imagine, the pharmacists brother, is my neighbours sister and he is special police GNR, the most feared. My wife invites him and his American girlfriend for a meal. How many days did I have to spend cleaning up my house? I think we all became great friends and had a fantastic evening, this village is just full of amazing lovely people.

Eva and I had our fourth argument in 15 years. I kicked the dog bowl full of water and she told me that I was wasting our money on stupid things. It was horrible, we both cried. But, then it got better and months of silent frustration were vented-Portugal under TROIKA is killing normal families, I give 50% of my salary to the state. I earn 1200 euros a month. The Portuguese government is destroying people like me.

If I do not pay a 25 euro fine in time for not paying another bill on time, it goes up to 176 euros and then 227 euros, and then a person cannot pay the bills, and then it just ...

Back to my story about how wonderful Malveira Da Serra is. After making up with Eva, I went out to see the new small bar that has just opened in the village. I really needed to see a friend, I was depressed for the first time in 20 years and needed a man chat, but I didn't really think any of my real bros would be out tonight in that bar.

GUESS WHAT? I love coincidence, because I ended up meeting one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. We went back to his house and talked and chatted and joked around like we had been mates forever. He went back to the bar, I danced in the mountains looking down on the sea and then skipped home high as a kite and fell on this keyboard-is this the writing version of reality TV?

This book is all about hitching around Europe meeting beautiful people like this X

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sagres Girl 2014- This is Gerry back in action X

Hi guys, I have spent 2 years collecting the can tops off the local Portuguese beer to make a totally recycled statement. Wrong time of year maybe, but this is Portugal, summer vibe xxx 

Gerald Freeman's new home x

Gerald Freeman is so happy to find this site. Making friends is easy here x

Coming out Jan 2015!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sculptors Beware!

Hi everyone,
I am obviously exploding with energy this weekend. It's raining torrentially and I am supposed to be diving back into sculpture. However, I am confined to my home, so venting out here.
I couldn't put the gory picture up again.

My new initaitive. Join in the fun and #supportsomeoneforaday

#supportsomeoneforaday Join in the fun and do a completely unselfish and powerful act for an artist or person you admire. Imagine if it happened to you!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

My Wonderful Vice

The constant transition from writer to sculptor is metamorphic every time. And though I say constant, there are periods of months and eventually years between each change. I have two passions, which I must vent and I cannot give 100% to both. What the hell does one do, if they want to give their best?  Sacrifice, albeit temporarily, one passion, which is like saying goodbye to a friend.

So what changes? I still suffer with insomnia and the constant battering of my head space with intrusive thoughts that are screaming out to be heard, acted upon and released into the world of creative reality. I am still borrowing pens and scraps of paper from complete strangers as I go about my daily routine without a pen- I just can’t get into the habit of being prepared for it when it comes.

Although I am at the mercy of my thoughts and ideas for eighteen hours a day, for the last two years I have conceded to risk losing the ones that come at me while I lie in bed trying to sleep, when I never have the pen I plan to put on my bedside table every night.

I used to drag myself up and go down to the kitchen, where I would scribble down that thought I absolutely could not forget, praying to put pen to paper before that fantastic sentence would flit out of mind and be lost forever. However, I had to knock that on the head because sleep deprivation was ruining any chance of me creating anything the next day- the vicious cycle. I would compare it to being a junkie, I have been a junkie, but the drug of creativity is not a need, it is a part of who you are and cannot be given up.

So some would call it a curse and in some ways it is, but unlike drugs, where quitting will save your life, if you quit what is essentially the essence of who you are, you will be no more.

Thank you Life for my blessed curse X

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Post that is to come...

I am in the middle of a transition from writing to sculpture and it is a turbulent time. Having been immersed in literature and completing my latest book for the last 18 months, I now have to go back and dive into the world of sculpture, soI want to give you a taste of what is to come. Mainly because I am exploding with creativity and JOY!
'The constant transition from writer to sculpture is metamorphic every time. And though I say constant, there are periods of months and eventually years between each change. I have two passions, which I must vent and I cannot give 100% to both. What the hell does one do, if they want to give their best?  Sacrifice, albeit temporarily, one passion, which is like saying goodbye to  a friend...'

#wattys2014 Kill Daddy is in .

Hi everyone,
I have taken the plunge and put Kill Daddy out there on Wattpad. It will be free to read until January 2015 and is entered in the ‪#‎wattys2014‬ . If you fancy immersing yourself in Kenya and Uganda, take a ride with me. I hope you enjoy the journey. Please comment or vote, if you like the book.
ps- if anyone needs a vote or a RT, please let me know. I think we should support each other more and then we all win. No one ever asks me to support them, and they could x

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fantastic article Smashwords: Ebook Publishing Gets More Difficult from Here - H...

Smashwords: Ebook Publishing Gets More Difficult from Here - H...: First the good news.  For indie (self-published) authors, there’s never been a better time to publish an ebook.

Coming out January 2015

I am happy to say that I am a part of this wonderful world of writing. The last few points in the article, which spoke about the essence of the written word drove home our responsibility as writers to tell stories.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kill Daddy has entered #wattys2014

Kill Daddy is hoping to gain some exposure and find readers, who are interested in taking a wild ride into the heart of Africa and the human soul. Will the final destination be heaven, or hell?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Literary R&R: National Read-a-thon Day Fundraiser

Literary R&R: National Read-a-thon Day Fundraiser: As book bloggers, or book blog followers, we all love to read. The next best thing to reading for ourselves is helping someone else learn...

Captivated Reader: Novels Featuring Famous Authors as Characters!

Captivated Reader: Novels Featuring Famous Authors as Characters!: I came across an article on the Flavorwire websited titled 50 Novels Featuring Famous Authors as Characters by Sarah Seltzer. I was intrig...

Friday, November 14, 2014

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Thunderclap..Lets make a change!!

This sounds like an amazing way to connect and communicate with each other x
I Don't Believe God Wrote The Bible- coming out Jan 2015.

Please take the time to vote, if you like my message to the young people and parents of today.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

COVER REVEAL! I Don't Believe God Wrote The Bible- coming out Jan 2015

I am so excited to have found a great artist to help create the cover of my new book. I hope the cover reveals enough of the story to entice you in. Looking forward to the launch.


I believe that we are forced onto the education/career conveyor belt as toddlers and are not allowed to get off until we are almost seventy. Our lives are dictated to us by society and peer pressure. I believe young people need time out to explore the world before they commit to a life they don't even know they want. The world is filled with people who did not realize their dreams, I believe this is detrimental to society as a whole and that we should be encouraging people to take time out to discover who they really are, before taking a path, which they will find difficult to come back from. The productive and positive energy that would come from individuals living their dreams could be enough to change the world eventually.
Gerald Freeman

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The teacher

The Teacher is in all of us, we only have to share what we know.

Eva 2009

Sunday, November 2, 2014

I Don't Believe God Wrote The Bible- Coming out Jan 2015.

Excerpt from my new book all about travelling and growing up.
'I plunged deep into doubt again, regarding all the decisions I’d made about Jan. Because of my inability, or reluctance to form relationships, I hurt the people that cared about me most. I’d rationalized that it would be better for me to go through life and have friends and lovers, but nothing deeper than that. I thought I’d found a sure-fire plan to get through my time on Earth without getting attached to anybody, therefore eliminating the chances of being hurt again when the relationship ended, or the person left me. My plan seemed to have backfired.'