Thursday, February 5, 2015

Rocking it tonight! My wife likes my new book!!

Hi guys,
well, the most important test of all. After some trepidation, my wife took the plunge and began reading my new book, which has elements of drug abuse and that she was, quite frankly afraid to read for fear of disappointment, or even shame. But, she has laughed out loud at times and is now hooked, so I can finally take a deep breath. To be honest, she is my best critic and the one I trust the most, she cannot lie, or even feign it. So happy- I do hope readers will enjoy my story, which tells of a Life  society is afraid we will lead. My book promotes individuality and free thinking, more than that, it can save others from a future they may regret forever X
Pre order available NOW- Coming out Feb 14th 2015.