Friday, June 12, 2015

The Teaching WOW Factor.

I have to say that this is fast becoming a teaching experience blog, but to be honest that is what is going on right now. An accumulation of one year's work put to the test, crucial for some. Do you realise that many Portuguese people have to use English text books to do their university degrees and read and take notes in a foreign language? They have to do an English test to get into a university in their own country! I train these people and see so many underachieve just because of the language problem.
To put this into context- Americans, can you imagine having to learn Dutch in order to be accepted on a certain degree course? English, can you imagine having to do a French test in order to go to Uni?

This is a message I sent to a friend tonight after a class of 16- 19 year olds-

Hey dude,
 hope all is busy..a teacher and end of year tests etc..pretty cool but busy, man if u knew what an amazin time I had today listening to my 16 year old students discussing whether terrorists will go to heaven, would you kill your father to save the world?, would you prefer to be happy and ignorant, or in pain and real? gosh- so inspiring, they r such good people- of course all terrorists go to heaven, and of course i would kill my father because if I didn't he would never look at me as his daughter again- Wow!!

I want to Live, Learn and Question , and Create, and Love, and.... for the rest of my Life!
PS- Yes, Life always deserves a capital letter, no matter where it appears in a sentence.