Thursday, August 27, 2015

Exhibition- Contrasts. Lisbon- 1 September- 16 October 2015

Unexpected exhibition happening in Lisbon, Portugal. CONTRASTS.

What Is Life?
Are we all completely separate beings instinctively driven by an innate need to survive, randomly colliding with each other as we fervently make our way through life? Or is it wrong to think of ourselves as separate entities, if in fact, we are not individual wholes but unique pieces, which make up the whole? I believe it is this insistence on being separate, which is impeding the evolution of the world on all levels and making our journey much longer and more difficult than it need be. Until we realise the incredible oneness of the world, and come together and start working towards a common goal of love and respect for all that exists on our planet Earth, conflict and abuse will thrive. Compassion, love and respect will make us all richer than we can imagine in our wildest dreams.

Gerry Aldridge

O que é a Vida?

Somos todos seres completamente separados, instintivamente movidos por uma necessidade inata para sobreviver, colidindo aleatoriamente uns com os outros, enquanto fazemos fervorosamente o nosso caminho pela vida? Ou será errado pensarmos em nós próprios como entidades separadas se, de facto, não somos indivíduos completos  mas antes peças únicas que compõem o todo?
Eu acredito que é esta insistência em estarmos separados que impede a evolução do mundo a todos os níveis e que torna a nossa viagem muito mais longa e mais difícil do que é necessário. Até compreendermos a incrível unicidade do mundo e nos unirmos para começarmos a trabalhar em direção a um objetivo comum de amor e respeito por tudo o que existe no nosso planeta Terra, o conflito e o abuso vão prosperar.
Compaixão, amor e respeito vão tornar-nos a todos mais ricos do que podemos imaginar nos nossos sonhos mais loucos.
Cada peça que crio é uma reação à vida. Muitas vezes, o meu trabalho desafia a ideia de separação e destaca, em vez disso, as semelhanças e conexões que temos com cada e todas as coisas no planeta . De quantas coincidências é que precisamos para criarmos uma realidade?
Gerry Aldridge

Campus das Justiças, Lisboa - Parque Das Naçoes! 1 Setembro ate 16 Outubro 2015

Sunday, August 23, 2015

End of a super, super art market!!

End of the Feira- It was the best 2 weeks I have had in years- met so, so, so many lovely people, some nasty ones, too- that is market life! Eva did her first market and she fitted in perfectly- Maybe they will start calling markets -MARCHES (French accent), which sounds more posh, after Eva has been there...  ;)

This is the latest book from this HEARTIST

Friday, August 21, 2015

Some old party tunes- Remember?

Well, music is the cure for everything, along with friends X- Check out the birth of Rave parties- I was there. And the post punk evolution of free minded people- This is what Thatcher was afraid of!!

Friday, August 14, 2015

In the space you create while working alone building thoughts with your hands, happens a grand conversation, eventually a connection and then a form of meditation, which brings you back to the real YOU.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Freak Post

Latest review for this MUST read summer memoir about partying and travelling in Europe aloof of the system and it's FREE TODAY on Amazon.

What a Fantastic life it is- markets are meeting places!

I have lived here for 20 years and I am a teacher, so when I do a market I ALWAYS meet loads of people I know- gosh, I recommend this life, you meet people at hteir best, abit tipsy, even the strictest ones..and it is all jut so honest. Parents talk to me about their kids like we are at the dinner table, rather than in the school office- I am actually doing overtime LOL.- reallly. art, holidays, tourists, music and friends is a nice mix

Estoril art fayre 2015

2 days in and thankfully people like my stone fish. Reminds me of how I used to live, travelling and selling my small pieces of art and jewellery around the world- One fish sculpture went to Paris yesterday- another cool thing about market life is that your work ends up all over the place- you teenagers need summer work? I recomend trying out a few summer markets, it is fun and you meet lots of new people.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Frantic times getting ready for the art market

Only 24hrs to go and details are such a painstaking part of the process, last minute accidents, improvisations..woooah- Sure it will work out fine on the day.
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