Friday, November 6, 2015

The Thief Of My Night

Since I found Poetry my nights have been short. Worse than writing, it is more honest, nothing to hide behind- I love it. However, there is a thief in the night that steals my precious sleep and forces me to think about Poetry- I even reached that creative pinnacle of total exhaustion and have been left spent for weeks- thinking about Poetry. 
This was half dream and half hallucination from 6 weeks of letting go-

The Thief
The thief stole more of my night.
I let go as we rode side-saddle on unicorns,
Fearlessly through the kingdom of God.

Heaven reached down and embraced us
As we danced with angels together
In the lush gardens of paradise.

The thief leaves more than he takes.
Robbed of the waste of sleep, yet left with a precious dream,
From which I will never awake.

Gerry Aldridge
- I am an artist experimenting with poetry-
Inspiration for this was Arthur Rimbaud