Saturday, December 19, 2015

But, how can you unknow something you never really knew?

Ah! To unknow the sun
Exploding into molten gold
As it dances upon your hair.
Unknow your perfume
That lingers forever in the air.
Unknow the orchestra
Playing relentlessly in my heart.
Unknow your smile, your laugh and the funny things you do
All the infectious parts of you.

Ah! To unknow the touch we nearly had
And the joy we imagined
Would fill our innocent lies one day.
Unknow the dream
And change it back into a mere thought
that was never afforded an existence
Except in the rantings of a /fu:l/

Ah! Ah! To unknow the fear of losing you
Unknow the futility of wanting to hold you near.
But, how can you unknow
Something you never really knew?
Or feel dessimated by the loss
Of something that was never yours?

Oh! The fact of not knowing you
Became the only part of me I remember.
I remember knowing it would never be,
I think you also knew, didn't you?

Oh! Oh! I realise we cannot go back
And unknow what we have seen
And been and become.

We cannot chip away
At the sculpture, which is our life.
Cannot take out the bits
We do not want to be anymore-
It is too late.

I am with you
And you with me
In this dream
For eternity.
(Gerry Aldridge)