Friday, December 18, 2015

If you want to make a writer happy, give them a notebook.

All writers know what a joy and satisfaction it is to pick up all the pieces of your mind that have been scattered across the house for months, and finally put them in a safe place. Feeling very happy. :)
I also came across poems I had written up to thirty years ago, some from the nineties, talking about different places, different people...A perfect writer's day!
Here is a small selection:
Waves of joy crashing over my heart
White horses galloping through me.
My love spills onto the shore
With each new wave I adore you more and more.
(Gerry Aldridge)

Does nothing have to be nothing?
Nothing is even less than nothing-
It is the void between life and death.
(Gerry Aldridge)

Sing for a love
I cannot pursue
Sing for an imaginary
Something kind of life with you.

I am more green
Than you need me to be
A true friend would be strong
A true love would be blue.

Blue, green
Whatever they mean.
I am a human kaleidoscope
A rainbow of good and bad
Sometimes weak, more often strong.

You say you are an emerald
Full of hope
For something you know
We probably won't.

I say I can be blue
And will do the right thing
But instead all I do
Is sing, sing sing, sing, sing, sing, sing....!
(Gerry Aldridge)