Friday, December 4, 2015

This is my best analogy, so far, of coping with the Past - LOVE.

My wife asked me if I was capable of forgiving people who had abused me, or done me wrong. The question stemmed from watching the News and seeing the victims of violence and terrorism. For me the word Forgive is like the word Deserve- they have no definition in my dictionary, they are meaningless. It is not about forgiveness, blame or deserve it is about how much space they take up in your head.
At age 16: 0%--------------------------------------------------------------------------------99.9%
At age 20: 0%----------------------------------------------------------------75%
At age 30: 0%---------------------30%
At age 40: 0%-----------------------------------------------------------------------------90%
At age 42: 0%------------------------------------------50%
At age 44: 0%---------------------25%
At age 49: 0%--2%

That is my experience of overcoming the past. It is ridiculous to say that you are not affected by the environment you come from- every living thing on the planet is!
This is my best explanation, so far, of coping with the Past - LOVE.