Sunday, July 10, 2016

Poems are not absolute truths

Poems are not absolute truths, they are a moment, but when somebody wrote to me challenging something i had said in a poem, it actually made me want to rewrite it because this person's words were so intelligent and true. Instead of rewriting the poem, I will turn it into a dialogue. Thus the poem becomes kind of organic as it becomes alive. Here is the new version-
First-Words are not beautiful, it is the romantic connection between feelings and metaphors that moves us.
Afterall, what is a word,
If not a squiggle
Gasping for meaning?
Second-I thought words were beautiful and when the words made my heart thump I thought it was because of beautiful words....not my head playing tricks with my heart......Naw words are beautiful, letters are just squiggly lines.
(Gerry Aldridge and Mary Campbell 2016)