Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Inspired by Fernando Pessoa in English (Alexander Search)
An accidental glimpse
Of an unintentional act
Held my gaze
Albeit in a gleeful reluctance
To dare to look
And disregard the gentleman
Thoughts, desires
Words in their reams
Flood like oceans
Into my dreams.
And for a moment
I feast erratically
On the future as it-for a split second
Entered me in a lift this day
With unintent the button pressed
Took me to a destination, a floor
I did not expect, nor plan for.
It has left me dreaming
Not of kicking and screaming
As life drags me to your door
Slowly, surely like a beaching whale
To the shore.
I would like to rent a room
And live for eternity on that floor
Impossible to forget, or ignore
Her draw, or the beauty
I accidentally saw.
My only hope now
To spend a life in my new home
Kiss you, kiss you, kiss you
Discover more and more and more.
(Gerry Aldridge © 2016)