Sunday, November 13, 2016

My Tree

My Tree
Through dark and dismal days
I watched you reign
And come to flower,
Then fruit again.
Wardrobe change
No more the green.
I watch you undress
All over me.
Why do the birds sing
As they say goodbye?
Or do they weep,
As they watch the fall?
Become icing on the ground
And you stand tall.
In nudity you are
Still, strong and proud.
I wrap myself up in
Yellows come golds.
Rolling with glee into every fold,
And I breathe you.
My mind is the breeze.
Turn your robes into oceans
That fly with me..
Continue life with me.
The time to hibernate,
Wait till Winter has gone.
Then comes Spring
And I shall watch you dress again.
Wistful of the past
And the future?
My mind is the breeze
That captures thee.
Showers the world
In fragmented sunbeams.
Warming the earth,
Making the fairies dance.
Embracing the metamorphosis
Of continued life.
(Gerry Aldridge 2016)