Sunday, February 12, 2017

The World Is Dead

The World Is Dead
I awoke to an eerie silence-
The sun had not come up,
No birds littered my trees.
Nothing new was born this day.
Unsettled, I opened my door
Too afraid to look at anything-
I blanked all of it out,
Except the floor.
Weeds furled tightly
Around my already sinking ankles.
Ironically, giving me the strength to stand
And face the pain I chose to bear.
There was no point
In taking a single step,
If the world had halted
Where could I possibly go?
Instead, I retreat
But am forced to stand tall.
Reconcile my differences
With God I am at war.
I am not safe,
But I can hide.
Nothing ever happened at all.
Perhaps even survive
In a world
That has no meaning
Or take a walk,
And admire the death
Of a thousand wilting trees
All the time smiling contentedly.
It was me that destroyed the world.
I just let go
Followed my storms
Letting the hurricane ensue.
I shall not blame him, or you.
Just pretend I am happy-
Do something different
Make everything new
Forget the past
Deny the future
Hope and pray
There will be another day.
All I ask
Is that I am not obliged to stay.
(Gerry Aldridge © 2017)